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Graduation Essay: How To Get The Right Result By A Certain Date?

March 23, 2017

Imagine how many hours it will take to spend on the execution of a course. Surely you do not have too much time: you already work, and other family matters are enough. But it is necessary to come to the end of the educational marathon. How to get a good result, for which you will not be burned with shame? We suggest to keep in mind certain factors.

Graduation Thesis: How to Get it On Time


  • Do not wait until the last

Do not harass yourself if you do not like to write scientific works. Pick up the competent performer in advance. You can pay for graduation essay paper or immediately choose and buy a complete version.

  • Do not forget the timeline

For the selected text just transfer the money and get it in your hands. And if you need material specifically for your requirements, it is important to puzzle the writing in advance, set certain dates (leave yourself time to refine). Let's say, give the paper work to order for training almost a month and a half before its protection. Indicate the deadline after three weeks and require a ready work in the prescribed time.

  • Correct and study

The teacher's notes are normal. Take the final course to your supervisor. He will indicate what to make changes (and you will get acquainted with the text). The one who wrote you an essay can remove the remarks for free or for money. Ask about this before giving it to work.

  • Make sure of the quality

Analyze the work you have done before you make money for it. Read the introduction or conclusion to get at least an approximate understanding of the level of the text. By the way, if only the topic and brief information are written (this concerns already written selling variants), then it is better to avoid such a cat in the bag.

How to Improve the Team's Creativity

November 23, 2016

If you've ever tried to configure at least a few people to find creative solutions to the problem, then you already know how it is a thankless and difficult task. At best, it's fun and pointless, at worst - bored and destructive. People throw from complete insecurity to extreme self-confidence and you can not pull out of them in any way valuable and original idea. This article will present some exercises that will help improve both creativity and confidence of your team.

team building


Encourage Creative Thinking

Creative thinking plays a key role in the creation of innovations. Companies who are able to encourage this kind of thinking, grow, others die. When an organization focuses exclusively on productivity, it imposes strict obligations on people and destroying the creative spirit, so it is important to provide more freedom and fewer restrictions for creative thinking.

Exercises on Creativity

Use the following exercise: they enhance the creative potential of the team and allow your people to search for unusual and effective solutions to complex problems. It will also help establish a friendly atmosphere in the team.

  • Exercise #1: brainstorming

No article about the work is complete without mention of the classics. Using Gather a team, put the problem in front of them and ask them to come up with a solution. Practice brainstorming whenever you need to get new ideas. Identify the better it will be later. For example, you can write a 500-words essay paper or just read an interesting article.

  • Exercise #2: Debate

Psychology professor Charlan Nemeth challenged orthodox brainstorming. His research has shown that lack of criticism can be counterproductive. He proposes to free debate, to engage in debate and discuss the shortcomings of the proposed ideas. Usage: exercise allows team members to develop ideas through debate. Honest open position and allow criticism to remove barriers that originally laid in a variety of raw ideas.

  • Exercise #3: Rolestorming

In this exercise, people try on a variety of roles. It works because people often can not go beyond the limits of their mental habits and come up with something new. Such an approach also helps to examine the problem from different angles and find unexpected decision. Usage: Take a few characters - from art to history. Welcome a variety of characters.

When performing these exercises, remember, do not despair, if the decision does not come immediately. Creative thinking - a skill that requires patience and time. Month of practice - and your team will issue more ideas, and their quality will increase.

Good luck!

2 Easy Steps to Achieve Your Goal

November 3, 2016

Everyone says that to achieve the goal, you need to have constant practice, work, study. But this is the worst. The first step is the hardest to do, and today we will explain what you need to step foot into a new life.

Everyone says, work hard, constantly, to develop, Bring It On. No one talks about the fact that even the first step to making a very scary. We decided to think about those who really wants to reach a goal, but got stuck in the beginning. The secret lies in the fact that each of us has sufficient forces to reduce the distance between the present moment and the aim sought. The only point is that, whether you like it or not.

If the dream is real, you make a volitional decision and start moving in her direction. If there is no desire to succeed, no one can force you to work on yourself. So it was decided: the goal is to be achieved. In order to make the first step, please refer to the inner "I". Monolog with you - the best way to figure out what to do next, to discover weaknesses and to identify strengths.

Be sure to "negotiate" with them and get into the habit as often as possible to say "yes" to unknown phenomena, things, and processes.

Say "yes" to creativity. Say "yes" to development. Say "yes" to their own expectations, even when you are talking about writing something weird like an essay in obesity ( Prepare for the fact that your subconscious mind will resist change. You will try to convince yourself that are not yet ready. What do you still early? What success can wait, there is no reason to strain. But the main secret is preciseness to abandon such thoughts at once. Do not give her the dark "I".

As long as you resist the inner "I" forces leave. So take the first steps toward the dream is necessary immediately. Today, not tomorrow. Sitting on a bench at the entrance of the winner will not become. Perhaps you will become the winner of the competition sitting on a bench at the door, but then have to make an effort. For more great success you have to roll up your sleeves, work hard and work. Short way to victory does not exist, you need to work on them and develop.

Do you want to start a business? Start. Want to try out a new profession? So try. Never too late to start to create or do something. Do you know why? Because the right moment to start a new life will never come. And if you're waiting for him, well, I have some bad news for you. This very moment will never come. Another nice advantage: moving toward the goal, you become better than those who do not want to change anything. And the opinion of those whose convictions are you so afraid, not very much and important. Do not think too much. Proceed.

Step one: knowledge is not the result

The first step that we make on the way to a dream, is not worth anything. Therefore, it should be easy to do. Many stop at the very beginning due to the fact that too many know. "Woe from Wit" - it's about such cases. They read a lot, found out and analyzed, that are now afraid and take a step. For this knowledge is very easy to hide, to use them as an excuse for their inaction. In fact, you only think you know a lot. It would be better for taking the time to work and practice.

Here's what you have to remember.

There is passive learning, which, in fact, is not a form of practice. You would think that you learn every day, but do not apply the knowledge gained. Passive training does not bring any real results. There is active learning, which is the practice. This is one of the best ways to learn, after all, making mistakes, and you make important discoveries. Of course, you need a certain level of knowledge in order to start any business. But you do not need to know everything. Especially since this is not possible.

Step Two: more practice!

So, finding out that the knowledge - it is not important, proceed to the second step. By the practice. You will be better only if you work hard. Almost all errors made in the twenty-first and forty-first time.

The practice should be subject to a few rules:

  • Do not be lazy, work well;
  • Seek to understand the process, model the details;
  • Do not hurry.

You can't accelerate this step. Avoid mistakes, too, will not work. Relax and do not reproach yourself for mistakes. No shortcut. But there is a wise way, and describe it completely.

Step Three ...

Occurs immediately after the first and second. No matter what you will do next and how to move towards this goal. The main thing - do not forget we're talking about. These simple truths about the knowledge and practice will help you decide to make the first and most important step in any business.

Reynolds' Model Beliefs

October 26, 2016

Remember a few episodes, when you enter into negotiations and trying to convince someone. In what situations you have been successful, and in which were defeated? And why? If you can not convince a person, then most likely you have chosen for this is the wrong approach. Reynolds' Model beliefs will prove intuition and persuasion (which to some extent have each) in order to choose the best technique for a particular application.



Model of persuasion

This model was developed by Andrea Reynolds in 2003. It was first published in her book "Emotional Intelligence and negotiations." belief model can help find the best approach in the negotiations depending on the level of your intuition and ability to persuade. Also this model can help you to find the best writing service in the USA and all over the world.

Reynolds suggests four strategies for negotiations:

  • Emotions.
  • Logics.
  • Bargaining.
  • Compromise.

Let us consider each strategy separately.



Effective use of emotions will help to seize the situation and realize that feels and perceives the other party. You will need a high level of intuition and the ability to persuade.

For example, you and your strongest competitor offer their services important to the client. You can not offer a lower price or better service than your competitors, but your company is a portion of the income to charity. Select the slide presentation on this advantage and show potential clients exactly where and what to leave part of his money. It is difficult to say about the morality of such an approach, but this example shows how the influence of emotions can help achieve your goal.

The use of emotions can be quite risky because it can cause quite a different effect or enhance it. However, if you are versed in the art of negotiation, try new approaches. Use this strategy wisely. Increase your level of emotional intelligence and empathy.



If you choose this strategy, then you need to operate with facts and verified information, and be able to make inferences.

For example, you need to convince the management of their company in the acquisition of a small distribution company instead of transferring some functions to outsourcing to third parties. You can do some research and then make a presentation on the main emphasis on facts, information, statistics and figures. Thus, demonstrate leadership, how much time will be returned to the investment, and to demonstrate that a rapid distribution of the company's revenues will increase after some time.



Trading is one of the simplest and most popular strategies in the negotiations. In order to effectively negotiate, you do not need to possess the gift of persuasion. You will need a high level of intuition, because you need to move on to trading not too early and not too late.

For example, you're negotiating with a software firm, trying to minimize the cost for the purchase of licensed software for their company. Your boss has given you instructions not to complete the transaction, until you get a discount of 20%. Once you feel that the other side is really in desperate need of cooperation, you can ask for a discount of 30%. And then, second, you can get 22% discount on the software.



Compromise on Reynolds considered the least effective strategy. Its use inexperienced negotiators.

For example, you have got a job and worked on it for about six months. From the very beginning you have been working overtime, and worked on weekends. Do you think they deserve a pay rise, and sat down at the negotiating table with his boss. Do you feel that asking for wage increases of 20% would be too, so ask for 15%. As a result, you get out of the boss's office with a salary increase of 10%, agreeing to a concession on his part, in return for an increase in the number of vacation days.


Limitations of the Reynolds' Model Beliefs

Despite the fact that this model of persuasion can be applied successfully in negotiations, it has several shortcomings:

  • It is difficult to calculate the level of intuition and the ability to influence people. Therefore, select a specific strategy can be difficult.
  • You can not rely solely on one strategy. Even in the same negotiating strategy should be combined.
  • Make sure that the model is complemented by other techniques, because one it may not be enough.

Nevertheless, the persuasion model Reynolds can be very useful for those who want to have a simple tool for negotiation. A skilful combination of logic and emotion can significantly improve your skills a negotiator.

Good luck!

Opportunities to Train Your Brain

September 26, 2016

In today's world many opportunities to train your brain. Some of them are well-trained memory, other concentrations, and some - the ability to reason. In this article we would like to appeal to the most proven methods of brain development.

Opportunities to Train Your Brain

  • Rubik's Cube

It would be wrong not to affect the assembly Rubik's Cube. The fact that the activity not only trains the concentration and fine motor skills, but also a memory. Yes, you heard right. Many people prefer to just work with this puzzle, but someone goes ahead and does so at speed. Moreover, someone takes another step forward and collects Rubik cube with eyes closed. This looks really impressive.

  • Chess

Perhaps it is a little too obvious, but chess is really important if you want to get serious about the development of his brain. Knowledge of combinations, rendering strokes, sometimes even psychology. Chess requires a large palette of skills that will be pleasant effect on your brain and in the future will help you to buy a good essays at and get the highest marks. If you want to start a chess way safely handle the book "Journey to the chess kingdom". Decent foundation for future success.

  • Sudoku

We already wrote about this type of puzzles. In particular, a variety of techniques that are used in solving them. We strongly recommend that you read with them. Plus, as a space for development we can offer you to develop your own mnemonic system that will allow to solve even the most difficult Sudoku without pencil and paper.

  • Paul Sloane

This person is not a pity in a separate item on our list. Paul Sloane - author of several terrific books aimed at the development of thinking. With all of his work can be found here, as well as the first book to study recommend "Detective puzzles on thinking outside the box."

  • Memorize a lot of information

It seems everyone has been through this state in the morning, when the brain is not capable of literally anything and they need to somehow stir. Fortunately, there is a terrific way to start your brain and make it work - and use mnemonics to remember anything. This may be the US president, a couple of hundred digits, 5 decks of cards or something else. In any case, just try, the effect is striking. Plus, it works great, if you need to rest and get to work again. Start with mnemonics. It will put great way to start the workflow.

  • The mental map - a new branch of mnemonics

Tony Buzan - one of the most respected people in the field of memory, the organizer of the world championships on memorization and simple wise man. He has authored more than 100 books on the development of memory, thinking and creativity. Plus, this man belong to some very interesting ideas that you can use in real life.

Something Interesting about Number 142857

September 14, 2016
What is this number? As it is written in Wikipedia, 142857 - this is a natural number, concluded between 142 856 and 142 858. However, such a definition of a mean and a fraction does not describe the whole range of the features of this extraordinary number.
Number 142857
Where did this number? It can not be that there was a whole Wikipedia or EssayVikings article on some strange number. In fact, the number 142857 appeared units by dividing by seven, or more formal other words, it is a common fraction decomposition period in decimal 1/7:
1/7 = 0.142857142857 ... = 0 (142857)
Number 142857 in this fairly simple fractions is repeated an infinite number of times after the decimal point. And on this and begins a series of mysterious coincidences.
Interesting Facts
  • Fact 1. This number is cyclic when multiplied by single digits.
If this number is multiplied by 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on up to seven, the numbers 1, 4, 2, 8, 5 and 7, and will remain in the product. Moreover, the order of these numbers will not change: they will be in the same sequence one after the other, given that the extreme right should be the leftmost digit.
  • Fact 2. In this number there are many examples of cycling.
If the square of the last three digits of the square subtract the first three digits, you get as a result of cyclic shift, namely the number 714 285. If build our magic number in the square, we get 142 857 × 142 857 = 20,408,122 449. After adding the last six digits of the first five (122 449 +20 408) 142 857 turns again.
  • Fact 3. The sum of the parts number 142857 gives the number of nines.
If the number of 142 857 split into 2 parts, ie, 142 and 857 and stack them, you get 999. If 3 parts, that is, 14, 28 and 57, and then also add up, you get 99.
  • Fact 4. Value A4 sheet of the parties is a decimal fraction with a period equal to our number.
Since the standard length A4 sheet equals 297 mm, a width of 210 mm. The proportion equal to the ratio of length to width of the sheet, is as follows: 297/210 = 1.4 (142857).
  • Fact 5. This number is the number of Harshad.
Numbers are called Harshad numbers divisible evenly divisible by the sum of the digits of which they are composed. If the number 142,857 divided by the sum "1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 5 7", which is equal to 27, then we get a whole natural number 5291.
Oddly enough, this article describes, not all the mysteries of the number 142857. For example, it is also the Kaprekar number, which can be reduced to a constant 6174. But these facts are already the intellectual delights.

The Power of Innovation and New Challenges

September 8, 2016

If you want to experience life in all its manifestations, you can not do without new challenges, which give it originality and learn new things. The novelty allows you to find the internal motivation and enthusiasm to charge us. In the brain, dopamine is produced, which allows a person to motivate yourself to all new and new challenges. Why do some people love novelty and others are not?

The Power of Innovation and New Challenges

The fact is that those who do not like the novelty of his life, replace it on the internet entertainment. Of course, the web is able to give a new lot of experience, but it also has the side effect - it develops thinking, resulting in a reduced concentration. Such people are browsing the dozens of videos a day that completely kill the ability to concentrate. Therefore, they can not or simply do not want to in real life to get a new experience, because it requires prolonged concentration. On the Internet, the curiosity is satisfied for one to two minutes, and the person loses the incentive to want something more.

Just Life

To develop the desire for novelty, we must be very curious and pay attention to what surrounds us. What is interesting, sometimes something entirely new is located right in front of our noses, and we fail to notice this. Therefore, developing the curiosity, you become able to notice something that had not previously noticed, and get new experience, even on the way to work.

It is very important to develop mindfulness, because if you passively consume a new experience, it is nothing useful you can not give.

Make sure that the student has to what you want. In the world of an incredible number of new, just learn and understand is impossible, so it makes sense to focus on what it is you want. On the Internet, you become for the most part driven by man which automatically clicks on the new links without thinking about whether it is necessary for him. Some links are really useful, but due to the reduced concentration of a minute later you go to the following link and so on. For example, really useful link it's link to article, where you can read about essay on death penalty: pros and cons.

The Internet

You can get an incredible experience using the Internet. Only you need to develop a habit to concentrate on one thing, and do not jump from one to the other. For example, if you watch the popular YouTube channel the TED, where are the people, and found an interesting video clip lasting 40 minutes - watch it without interruption. If after a few minutes you become a bit boring, then you can temporarily focus on facial expressions and gestures of the person on how he behaves and how confident feeling. This is very useful anyway. After that, you will be more pleasant to listen to it, because your senses are reading the signs of an interesting person, and this in turn causes additional curiosity.


This may be your official work, or are your personal projects. Focus on one project and bring it to the end. Do not start a second project, we have not yet completed the first. The only exception - if you are really aware of the senselessness of it. If you have a formal job, then try to find in it new challenges. You can set records, conquer new heights in what is already doing. Increase your performance and have fun with this game!

Formation of Motivation in the Learning

August 24, 2016

Motivation teachings - one of the key problems of schooling. In cases where the child does not want to go to school, experiencing anxiety and fear, has difficulty in learning new material and consolidating the skills acquired in school, the parents receive several important tasks:

  • know, why do not want to learn;
  • determine which party formed the motivation and what is not;
  • situations in which the child does not want to learn.

But the most important task: to consider at what point we - adults (teachers, parents) do not teach a child self and one's own.

Formation of Motivation in the Learning

Recommendations for the Formation of Learning Motivation

The concept of motivation of the doctrine is not unique. This is due to the fact that motivation to educational activity is not a motive, but a whole system of motives. Motifs included in this system can be both internal and external. They are in a ratio of specific interaction and in each individual case. For some students motivation is in scholarships, which they can get if buy custom essays at and get an A+! Some motives are leading and have a greater impact on learning activities, others - minor and have less impact, at the same time complementing each other.

After reviewing and summarizing the research of domestic and foreign psychologists on the issue of motivation of the doctrine, we have prepared for you 15 recommendations:

  1. Treat with understanding to the child, to the peculiarities of his age development.
  2. Be attentive to the children. Watch for them. Try to understand how they think, and consider how they feel.
  3. Create around the child an environment that will help it to develop, generate interest and positive emotions (books, movies, educational games, family tradition).
  4. Make time for children. The live interests of the child during this time. Engage in joint activities.
  5. Be supportive only when the child himself asks for it.
  6. Avoid value judgments. It is better to say: "You are now well mastered on household tasks in mathematics."
  7. Ask children questions. Be interested, ask whether they are happy with the result of its training activities.
  8. Keep a notebook / note book in which the child will be able to set a goal for the day, week, month, quarter, year.
  9. Encourage your child to set goals, choose the means by which it will achieve it, what steps it will take.
  10. Let slip the goal, discuss the steps, ask what to do so he will need.
  11. Encourage, when the child poses an achievable goal. If the target is easy to reach, offer complicate it.
  12. Let the child choose yourself what will be the promotion or offer you a choice of options proposed.
  13. Help the children see the connection between the efforts they are making and the results of their work. Ask that it was difficult in the performance, and that helped to cope.
  14. Discuss the reasons for successes and failures.
  15. Show the child communication between school subjects and the real everyday life.

An important rule: the more often a success, the less praise.

Learning motivation not only helps to digest this knowledge, apply their skills and abilities, but also an important condition for the formation of the child's personality. Take your child for who he is, with his individual and age characteristics. Keep it, believe it, listen and try to hear the child. Talk, ask questions, discuss.

Success in the teaching and the harmonious development!

How to Start Reading a Lot

August 10, 2016

Reading books is one of the best ways of spending time. The book has amazing power and ability to move the reader into a different reality: in the blink of an eye, we can see the Mayan priest which holds sacred ritual; somewhere in a hut in the Far North, along with the heroes of the story by Jack London; or in general in a futuristic parallel world into uncharted planet in a neighboring galaxy.

The book makes us experience a lot of emotions and gain new experiences, changes our mood and makes the heart stops beating, or even more. The book enlightens us and gives us new information. And it would be nice if we could read at any time, absorbing everything new hundreds of pages. But, unfortunately, features of modern life do not always have to it, and very often expect our reading of the book and left to gather dust on the shelves or lost in cyberspace digital media.

For all bibliophiles, suffering from a lack of time to read interesting literature, we have prepared some practical advice that can remedy the situation.


How do I Start to Read a Lot of Books?

  1. It should be as accurate as possible a list of the books you want to read. Naturally, this should be given time. Use the Internet or go to the bookstore. Select the book on an important principle for you: subject, author, genre, etc. Select those that sharpens your attention. For convenience, we can write their names in a notebook, to always have on hand.
  2. Start each day to find time to read. We have already talked about the permanent employment of modern man pressing problems and concerns, but if you want to read more, then, with something you need to start. Let it be 10 minutes per day. After one week - 20 minutes. A week later - 30. Over time, you will be able to determine the optimal amount of time that are ready to pay to read.
  3. From reading you need to have fun. Those no need to forcibly "swallow" the page just because of what you decide to read more. If not in the mood, you can leave for later reading.
  4. Beware that reading bored with you and will be for you just one of the items on the list of things that you need to perform. No reading, of course, useful to have the list of cases. Harmful when the attitude towards this becoming like a routine.
  5. To effectively read and full mastery of the material should be read in suitable conditions. This, of course, not a law, but it would be better if no one will disturb you, next will not mourn the children will not be for you to run your significant other with a request to give it at least a half-hour, etc. If you can, alone, stay in peace and tranquility, finish your viking essay and disconnect the phone at the time of reading. Only you and a book!
  6. In order to read more books, it is not necessary to think about how to read all the books as soon as possible. Do not worry about speed reading. It diverts attention and contributes to the loss of the very essence - getting pleasure. If you want to compare it with something else.
  7. Try to read in the morning. When we wake up, our thoughts are still, so to speak, not drawn to normal consciousness and not loaded. Therefore, the most productive reading says it is in the early hours.
  8. Find people with the same interests. It may be a group in the social network or community of book lovers. Communicate with those who read the book, and interesting to you.
  9. One of the positive aspects of technology development is the emergence of all sorts of gadgets. It specifically about the e-book. Get it yourself and always carry with them. There are many versions of e-books, but they are compact and easy to use.
  10. And, of course, we can not say about one more way for you to read more books - is speed reading. There are people who by nature has the ability to read quickly. But there are those who read very slowly.

If you wish to read more books, then, no matter what speed you have read now, developing the ability to speed reading in any case will go in your favor. Moreover, one should not think that the people who read 3-4 pages per minute, do not understand, oh-what-it-all. Modern techniques of speed reading are constructed in such a way that not only increases the speed of reading material, but also its digestibility up to a hundred percent!